Corum Golden Bridge 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Replica Watches

The Corum GOLDEN BRIDGE Dragon Replica Watches, initially introduced in 1980 and outfitted with a exceptional baguette motion, remains the flagship model one of the intricate timepieces of this new Corum for this day. Another very important quality that turns this version in an innovative timekeeping apparatus is its mechanism put in the middle of a transparent case covered with sapphire glass.

In 2009, Corum raised the veil of secrecy on a brand new exclusive grade of its layout and assembly. The grade CO 007, that was motivated by the mythical Golden Bridge caliber, became a entirely new embodiment of this first idea. Its shape is readily recognizable, however, the measurements, details, and specifications are completely different.

On this event, the mechanics has been armed with a breathtaking complication -- the world's tiniest tourbillon with silicon descent. A year after, the Corum GOLDEN BRIDGE Automatic Replica Watches set of luxury watches underwent significant transformations together with the overall look of the initial model using a linear automatic winding apparatus -- Golden Bridge. Its translucent features of sapphire glass, which delivers a view of their bridges and platinum like floating in the atmosphere.

The winding system of this motion entirely developed and developed by Corum draws energy in both wheeled linear rotors, launching a new chapter in the history of high-end watchmaking.

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